11–12 October 2024
Moscow Overseas Property and Investment Show

Are you looking for eager clients with money to invest?

The Moscow Overseas Property & Investment Show will take place in the Tishinka Exhibition Hall in the centre of Moscow on 11–12 October 2024 and will be a superb opportunity for you to present your products and services directly to a carefully selected audience of high net income prospective Russian clients. "As the Russian economy continues to expand, more Russians are looking for International investment opportunities"

Whilst some Russians have substantial investments abroad, there is massive expansion in a new section of Russians with growing disposable income who need to be informed and educated on the advantages of purchasing International investments.

A professional platform to meet Russia's growing number of wealthy clients

The Moscow Overseas Property & Investment Show is a specially designed exhibition to suit the Russian mentality. Many sensible Russians are not eager to advertise their wealth and would not be comfortable visiting a large, 'public' exhibition, however a professional Investment Show in a refined, boutique style atmosphere is most suitable.

If you offer investment products and would like to make face to face contact with qualified Russian investors, then investing in the Moscow Overseas Property & Investment Show will be the best investment that you make in 2024.

The advantages are many:

  • Choice of pricing options
  • Affluent clients are more relaxed in a controlled atmosphere
  • A calm show atmosphere for one to one meetings
  • Pay bar. Drinks and refreshments instantly available
  • Excellent restaurants nearby for entertaining prospective buyers
  • A professional exhibition address to use during your visit

The purpose of this specialised show is to enable International Suppliers to meet and to make direct contact with a select number of affluent Russian clients who either have some knowledge of International investment opportunities or who are looking for comprehensive information on worldwide investment possibilities.