17-18 марта 2023
Выставка зарубежной недвижимости

Участник выставки недвижимости

After 15 years practice in tourism industry; as we are owning and operating Kandelor and Grandbali Hotels, we decided to get involved the construction and property management projects. Our success comes upon a customer satisfactory policy. Our aim is to continue our success in real estate bussiness by carrying new investment oportunities with state of art and life style projects to our customers.

We are proud to present our project Alanya Park Residence, deluxe Apartment resort situated at the hills just 1200 meters north-east of the city center. It holds a magnificient view of mediterranean to the south and in the north to the mountains.

Particularly in the last few years, Turkey has become a very attractive investment and holiday resort. Many foreigners have already bought properties in Turkey and all of them have one common aim – to make a sound investment .

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