16-17 October 2020
Moscow Overseas Property & Investment Show

Participant of the exhibition
Montpelier (International)

he Swiss brand Montilier has played an important part in Swiss watchmaking for over 150 years. Ever since, our goal has been the creation of sensual luxury products, and this has also become our philosophy: the combination of the finest materials, excellent craftsmanship and a knowing eye for style. These were the maxims of Etienne-Ovide Domon, when he began making pocket watches in 1852. As a consequence, the brand's reputation quickly spread far beyond the Swiss borders: especially abroad, the name Montilier stood for Swiss precision and quality.
The following of this philosophy propelled Montilier into the ranks of elite Swiss watchmakers. Our watches soon became a synonym for ambition, cosmopolitanism and excellence. Today, we are striving to assure that these values are being maintained.

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